From the Garden...
     at French Beach
Welcome:  "Honestly Tea" is a division of
"From the French Beach"

"Honestly Tea is all about top quality, loose leaf teas, sourced directly from reputable growers - or suppliers who have established direct relationships
with their growers and know their teas personally. 

Our priority is a range of Black, Green, White, Oolong and Pu-Erh teas -
and other herbal and non-caffeine blends - all from organic, Fair-trade producers.

The history of this small company is a very strong emphasis on ethical business practice and keeping customers happy
- assuring that the teas they experience are exceptionally fresh and flavorful, as well as healthy.

We want people to experience teas the way they were traditionally served,
using less quantity - but better quality - loose leaf tea..."

From the French Beach

For a unique ‘West Coast Experience’ try the “French Beach Special”, Thalasso [seaweed] soak & Aromatherapy Massage. Remarkably beneficial & deeply soothing. Ask about treatment options & our “Local Special’!
To book an appointment or to enquire about our Fair Trade Organic Teas, seaweeds & essential oils contact us below or on our contact page:


Tel: 1 250 881 0778
Tel:  1 250 744 8786

912 Neff Road
Victoria, BC
V9C 3X4   Canada



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