From the Garden...
     at French Beach


From the Garden…at French Beach 

Christine Hopkins, R.A.,  Registered Aromatherapist         (250) 881 0778

912 Neff Road, Victoria, V9C 3X4  email:


The French Beach Special:

The Perfect Combo…Thalassotherapy & Aromatherapy  (allow 2 hours) … $95.00                **

A soothing soak in sea salts and seaweed is a remarkably effective solution to aching muscles and joints.  This luxurious procedure also draws toxins out, leaving your body revitalized and supple.  This helps make the skin extremely receptive to the wonderful health benefits of the Aromatherapy Massage that follows.  We use seaweed massage oil for extra nutritional and skin protection benefits and custom blends of Essential Oils especially suited to your individual requirements.

Fresh wild seaweeds soothe your body with important vitamins and minerals that are lost on a daily basis, leaving your skin clean, clear and relaxed.  The highly nutritional components of our seaweeds stimulate circulation, reduce oiliness, refine pores and help to eliminate aging cells, creating a smoother, more refined skin texture.

** Special: ‘ French Beach Special’  book 4 or more treatments over a six month period

 & hold a cost per treatment at $75. 00 


Sea Essence Facial…1 hour … $70.00

A wonderfully soothing, restorative treatment, beginning with a  gentle exfoliation & massage to remove dead cells and prepare the skin.   A seaweed mask is then applied, sealed with satiny seaweeds and warm towels to maximize the detoxification effect.

The mask is removed with hot wet clothes to leave the skin clean, stimulated & receptive.

Finishing with a lovely, nourishing scented facial oil or lotion to revitalize your face.


Sea, Salt and Scent Scrub… 1.5 hours … $95.00

An overall body exfoliation with sea salts, seaweeds, and essential oils to detoxify the skin, followed with a full body massage with seaweed massage oil - essential oil blend to rehydrate the skin and continue the detoxification process., leaving  you  & your skin feeling fantastic.


Sea & Scent Aromatherapy Massage… 1 hour … $70.00

To begin, a custom blend of essential oils is created just for you.  These aromatherapy oils are then applied with a full body massage, in silky seaweed massage oil base.


Indian Head Massage… 30 minutes … $45.00

A seated chair massage with ancient roots in Ayurvedic medicine to treat head, neck, shoulders, face and upper arms, and back.  A wonderful quick and simple solution for tension, stress and fatigue.  Scented oil blends are optional for face and hair.


Aromatherapy Consultation… 45 minutes … $60.00



              Aromatherapy Massage… 1 hour … $70.00 – Full body massage

                                         1/2 hour … $45.00 – Back, neck, shoulder, arms massage.

Includes consultation, custom blending.  Deeply relaxing, soothing, and detoxifying.



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